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Sep 26th 2019

Carrying out a 301 redirect strategy is a notoriously laborious task - no one wants to do it, no one likes doing it, it’s tedious and time-consuming. It’s also essential! Redirectly is an end-to-end 301 redirect management & generation tool that turns a headache of a job into a super simple task.

Redirectly allows you to manage all of the redirects for your websites migration. Allowing users to select 301s or 302s redirect on a URL to URL basis or even use the Regenx method to do them in bulk. Having this all managed in one space allows users to spend less time worrying & implementing redirects by reducing time spent and human error.

Once you have matched all your old URLs to the new ones, Redirectly allows you to email the export file directly to your team mate or export for multiple technologies including Apache, Craft CMS, WordPress NGINX and CSV.

It can also be used alongside the world's most widely used content management systems...

WordPress - Redirection

Redirection is the most popular redirect manager for WordPress. It keeps track of 404 errors, and allows you to create and manage redirects within your WordPress install, without needing any Apache or Nginx knowledge which is a bonus. The plugin can also be configured to monitor when post or page permalinks are changed and automatically create a redirect to the new URL which is an added bonus.

Craft CMS 3 - Redirect Manager

Redirect Manager is a Craft 3 plugin that provides an easy way for you to create and manage redirects. The plugin registers and shows the last hit date and hit count per visited redirect. In addition Redirect Manager gives you the ability to enable a catch all pages to handle all the none existing urls. The plugin will register and count the hits on this not existing pages in a different section and makes it easy to create new redirect rules directly from missed / not existing URLs by simply clicking on the URL.

Craft CMS 2 - Retour

Like Redirect Manager, Retour is a Craft CMS plugin which allows you to intelligently and intuitively redirect legacy URLs within your Craft backend. It keeps statistics on all 404 hits and attempts to do a redirect after the web server throws a 404 exception. Once a redirect mapping is successfully determined, it also caches the result for speedy resolution of the next redirect request. As well as supporting traditional exact and RegEx matching of URL patterns, Retour has a Retour Redirect FieldType that you can add to your entries. This allows you to have dynamic entry redirects that have access to the data in your entries when matching URL patterns. Like Redirect Manager, Retour also automatically creates a redirect if you change an entry's slug, or move an entry around in a Structure so it’s hugely intuitive, which is helpful.

Joomla - Dynamic 404

Joomla CMS also has a built-in ‘Redirect Manager’ component that will write to the .htaccess.

Drupal - Redirect

Drupal CMS also has a built-in ‘Redirect Manager’ component that will write to the .htaccess.

Magento - Mage Array 301 Redirect Extension

Magento also has a built-in ‘URL Rewrite Management’ component that will write to the .htaccess

Shopify - ESC Easy Redirects

Shopify also has a built-in ‘URL Redirects’ component that will write to the .htaccess

Please note: Redirectly has no association with any content management system or any 3rd party plugin / extension. All content management systems, plugins and extensions listed in this article are for information only and are not endorsements or recommendations.

Check out all of Redirectly's features to see how you can save time with your next project.

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