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Jul 13th 2020

Redirectly is a studio venture - an internal agency project, born out of one of our own pain points - conceived to scratch one of our own itches as it were. Created by the team at Abstrakt, a UK based branding and digital agency, Redirectly came from the belief that the tedious task of managing URL redirects could be and should be simpler and more efficient.

Redirectly has been created 100% in-house at Abstrakt and has been touched by every single member of the Abstrakt team: branding, UX/UI, development, marketing. Everyone has collaborated and contributed, and it really has been a labour of love (and hate at times - just kidding). So, here’s a bit about the core team behind Redirectly...

Jimi is a senior programmer and application specialist. Jimi gets involved in Abstrakt client projects that require complex custom development, but 90% of his time is dedicated to driving forward our internal SaaS product development. Jimi has built Redirectly from the ground up and is responsible for its ongoing development and maintenance.

Jamie J
Jamie is a senior developer and an expert in Craft CMS. Jamie heads up Abstrakt’s web development team and is responsible for all of our website development projects. Always bringing new technology and processes to the table, Redirectly was Jamie’s brainchild and he has spearheaded the features and functionality specification.

Nikki is Abstrakt’s lead digital designer. Nikki heads up Abstrakt’s design team and plays a key role in the full life-cycle of all of our projects. Nikki is a champion of user centric design and ensures that all of our digital projects provide a delightful user experience as well as being usable and accessible. Nikki led on the UX/UI of the Redirectly app, from user journey planning and prototyping to interface design and user testing.

Jamie R
Jamie is a multi-disciplined designer and works across brand and digital. Jamie has a unique way of using bespoke illustration to capture individuality and personality to elevate brands and he did exactly that with Redirectly. As well as creating all of the bespoke illustration and animation used throughout Redirecly’s marketing, Jamie designed Redirectly’s onboarding website.

Marc is Abstrakt’s creative director and leads our brand and print design projects. With a meticulous eye for detail, Marc creates unique and recognisable identities that stand out from the crowd and have strong visual recall. With a knack for coming up with clever nuances, Marc named Redirectly and led on Redirectly’s visual identity development.

Lauren I
Lauren heads up Abstrakt’s marketing: for the agency, for our products and for our client projects. As well as creating brand and digital strategies, Lauren is hands on with implementation, leading on copywriting, digital marketing and campaign work. Lauren created Redirectly’s approachable and informal tone of voice and website content and is responsible for our marketing efforts.

Lauren S
Lauren is Abstrakt’s Account Director and is responsible for the smooth running of all of the projects that run through the Abstrakt studio. Lauren ensures our projects get the very best from the team, and this is just as true for our internal projects as our client ones. Lauren project managed Redirectly from conception to delivery and has already started planning on phase 2!

So that’s us - 2 Jamie’s, 2 Lauren’s, a Jimi, a Nikki and a Marc. Want to meet us? We’ll be exhibiting at brightonSEO in October - come and say hello and get a demo!

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