Why we created Redirectly for managing URL redirect

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Sep 6th 2019

Redirectly was born to solve an in-house problem at our digital agency; to speed up the process of setting up and managing URL redirects when we redesign websites for our clients. Hours of development time were being lost carrying out this tedious but vital task - and development hours are expensive!

Redirectly uses modern web technologies to make a manual job easy, saving teams time, protecting their sanity and letting them get back to their work quicker and without the headache.

Created for developers and SEO strategists who manage multiple digital projects, Redirectly is the ultimate URL redirect toolkit. Whether you’re rebuilding a site from the ground up or rearchitecting an existing site, Redirectly’s meticulously designed features and unmatched functionality help you create a complete and accurate URL redirect list, in a matter of minutes.

We’re still at an early stage of our product's life cycle. Our team are fully committed to ongoing development of the platform to ensure that Redirectly is as efficient, intuitive and as simple as possible. Think we can do something better? Get in touch to give us your feedback and join us on our journey.

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We’re working hard to put Redirectly into the hands of developers and SEO strategists all over the world and will have you on board as soon as we can. We'll be in touch soon!

In the meantime please feel free to visit our demo playground. Visit redirectlyapp.com/play to access.