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Can I collaborate with team members on projects?

Yes absolutely! You can add team members as users on all of Redirectly's plans.

What if I match a URL incorrectly? Can I undo it?

Made an mistake? Don't worry! You can unmatch an individual page or reset all of your matches to start again.

To unmatch an individual page navigate to “View matched pages”, open out the desired group, find the URL and click on the black link icon to unmatch.

To reset the full project and start again, simply click on the “Reset matches” button in the left hand navigation.

What is auto-matching?

Redirectly will automatically identify pages with identical URLs. As the slugs are identical these pages do not require a 301 redirect.

Why can I not un-match auto-matched pages?

Auto-matched pages are pages with an identical URL on both the old and new site. As they are an exact match there is no situation in which you would need to un-match them.

What is a site crawl?

If you don't have a sitemap or a list of old and new pages to match, simply add the URL of the old site and the new site and Redirectly will automatically crawl both sites and create a full list of pages to be matched for you.

Is there a maximum number of URLs per project?

No there isn't a maximum number of URLs you can have in a project. The Site Crawl feature is limited to 2000 URLs per site per project, however you can use the Upload Sitemap or Paste URL features to add more. We'll be reviewing this in future versions of Redirectly.

Can I match sections of the site in bulk?

Yes absolutely! Bulk-matching allows you to select multiple pages from your 'old' site and match them to a single URL on the 'new' site, hugely speeding up the matching process.

What is the project archive?

Finished a project but think you may want to come back to it down the line? The archive is a place to store any completed projects that you don't want to delete. This keeps your active projects dashboard clear, whilst giving you peace of mind that you can unarchive and revisit any project at any time.

What are suggested matches?

Suggested matches is currently in development and will be available on some plans following launch. Redirectly’s intelligent system will automatically try to match pages with similar URLs for you, saving you a job. You will simply need to approve the matches or send them back for manual matching.

If I delete a project can I get it back?

Unfortunately not - once it's deleted it's not recoverable. You can however choose to archive a completed project, instead of deleting them completely.

What is 'Check for updates' for?

The 'Check for updates' function scans the selected site and looks for any updates since the previous upload/crawl. Any new URLs will be included in the to be matched columns, without disrupting any already matched pages.

What is 'Re-run import' for?

If for any reason you want to completely re-import a site, you can choose to do so. Simply select 'Re-run import' in the 'Sites' area of the project, which is accessible in the left hand navigation and Redirectly will crawl the site from scratch. In this instance any matches that have been made will be deleted.

What is required to carry out URL redirection using Redirectly?

All you need is 2 websites - the old and the new. Simply upload a sitemap (or list of URLs) for both sites and Redirectly will prepare the URLs for matching. If you don't have a sitemap or a list of old and new pages to match, add the URL of the old site and the new site and Redirectly will automatically crawl both sites and create a full list of pages to be matched for you.

How long does it take to do URL redirection with Redirectly

In terms of importing the data, uploading a sitemap or list of URLs takes seconds. A site crawl takes a bit longer - depending on the size of the sites this can take a few minutes. When it comes to matching, it really does depend on the size and complexity of the old site, but with auto-matching and bulk-matching speeding up the process you can get through alot of URLs quickly.

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